How to make money on YouTube to uploading video

There are many ways to make money from your home. If you want to make money from your home you can do it easily. YouTube video uploading is the easiest way to earn money from online. You can earn money from YouTube very easily. Today I will show you how to make money on YouTube.
make money on YouTube
Make money on YouTube

How to earn money:

Make a YouTube Chanel:  
   At first you have to make a YouTube channel using your Gmail ID. Go to and signup by Gmail ID then your channel will be created automatically.

YouTube Partner: 
   Then click My Channel from your left side option now you can see your YouTube channel. Click on video manager. Then click on Channel and now look at the right side and Verify your partner using Phone number. If you don’t verify it you can’t Monetized any video.

Upload videos:
    Upload your video. After uploading your video you can see monetized option at the bottom side. Mark the option Monetize with ads now you can see the Google ads in your video. But be careful; don’t upload any type of copied video. Otherwise your Monetize option will be disable by YouTube.

Ways to Apply AdSense: 
     Now you will have to apply for the Google AdSense by YouTube channel. You will withdraw balance by AdSense. Now active your Monetize option by clicking the enable Monetize button. Follow at the bottom and you can see How Will Paid option. Then click associate an AdSense account then click Next and login with your Gmail ID then enter your all information then send AdSense request. After 2 or 3 days you will get a AdSense approve Email in your inbox.

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How to make money on YouTube part-1

The world's largest video-sharing site is YouTube. It’s really you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. There are thousands of online income systems but most of the people don’t know a system. And it’s that earning through YouTube videos. So start your earning to work from home.

Below I have mentioned some of the person's name and the amount of their income:-
·         Shane Dawson {431 million views and his earn $315,000}
·         The Annoying Orange {349 million views and his earn $288,000}
·         Philip Defranco {248 million views and his earn $181,000}
·         Ryan Higa {206 million views and his earn $151,000}
·          Fred {200 million views and his earn $146,000}
How to make money on YouTube
Make money on YouTube

How to make money?

There are many ways to make money from YouTube. Some methods are discussed 

1.  Choose a nice YouTube Chanel name:-
At first go to YouTube and create a free account. When you create account choose a name which is more search volume and easy.

2.  Make Video:-
For making video we can adopt two ways. First: - Creating videos with a video camera. Second:- If you don’t have any camera you can use your computer. But remember one thing, must use a good software and your computer will be faster.  One issue to keep in mind, you have to make interesting videos. Interesting mean I'm not supposed to create a fun comedy film. I say, your videos are interesting for viewers and these types of videos which they searching for. For example: if you made a channel for Photoshop tutorial and uploaded various jokes video. If you have a channel on tutorial you have to upload video tutorial here.

3. Upload your video in YouTube:-
When you upload your video then must write your all keywords, description of videos and your website URL.

4.  Share your uploaded video on various social sites:-
Just upload the video and you got traffic, It’s not correct. You have to share your videos on various social sites to get traffic. Such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon etc.

5.  Create Back-link for your video:-
Remember one thing carefully; YouTube video publishing is also one kind of blogging. So, must you have to create some back-link to get good position on YouTube, Google and others search engine. Create back-link which sites are related to your topics.

So far today. Stay with us I will share remaining methods in next articles.

Ways to make money for student

Most of the students are spend their time on various Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube etc. Sometimes it's also very sad to me because I have also spent the past two years on at all. I have also waste my two years using Facebook, Twitter, and playing online game. Now I wonder why I waste my time there it would have been better that if I spend my time at Blogging.
Ways to make money for student
Ways to make money for student

I have so many friends who spend many hours every day on various social networking chat. If you estimate that how much time per day you can use the internet. Then most people will say 2 or 3 hours. What you think? What is the number every year? At least 1000 to 1200 hours every year you spend on social media chat. But once you have asked yourself that, you have spend your valuable time but what you have got to do this? I can tell you without any hesitation this is ZERO from the beginning until the end.  Internet world is not only for Facebook, Twitter and Online game. You can make money from online just for your little wish by work from home.

So, I will share with you how to make money online a STUDENTS, HOUSEWIFE and MODERN GENERATION at his own home. And they will be able to meet personal needs.