How to Make Money on Fiverr – Step by Step Fiverr Full Guide

How to make money on fiverr

Nowadays I don’t need to explain how to make money on the Internet. Today I am going to show you ways to make money from home. The name of the site is Fiverr it’s called online marketplace.
You can find out many more sites where you can make money from online.­­­­ But Fiverr is very easy and different from other marketplaces. You can make huge of money from Fiverr just follow the step below.

How to make money with fiverr

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is one of the best online marketplaces. You can offer a service starting at just $5.
When you create an offer for $5 Fiverr called its “gig”.
While any customer buys your gig Fiverr takes 20% commission for their service.

The best popular gigs here:

    è WordPress
    è Web Design
    è Photo Editing
    è Wedding
    è Creative Writing
    è Testimonials
    è Animation

There are not only mentioned sections you can choose many others section from Fiverr.
You should think that what services are needed for a person that skills you have so is enough to earn from Fiverr. Because someone else finds your gig and they order for the service.

First Step to Started Fiverr:

At first, you need to sign up but it’s easy and you don’t need to pay anything. Sign up from here: Fiverr Sign Up.

Fill all the information carefully and upload a good looking photo as a profile picture.
Now you have to create your gig with perfect description.

Make Money with Fiverr

·        Proper Research

When you want to sell your service you should research about that why people buy your service and what type of people buy your services.
The research will help you to go ahead.

Setup your gig on Fiverr:

I think you have already created your account. Now it’s time to setup your gig.
To create a gig click on selling button from header section and now click on the gig.
Now create a new gig.


You should be careful about gig title. Select the proper title but you can change your title any time.
How to make money on fiverr

You can create your title like this:

    è I will create a Landing page
    è I will write a creative article
    è I will design a logo for your business

If you want to get more ideas check out your competitor's gigs.

Select Category:

How to make money with fiverr

Choose the category it’s very important because when a client searches any service it will work.
Choose the relevant category that you want to give a service like if you want to sell “logo design” select the category GRAPHIC & DESIGN.

Search Tag:

Put some tags but you won’t able to put up to 5 tags. The tag is also very important because clients search services by tags.

For example, if you create a gig about SEO Service you should choose tags like:
    è Search Engine Optimization
    è Forum Posting
    è Search Engine Marketing


You should set your price there are three options to put your price. So, start set pricing for each option.

If you are providing SEO service put the price like this.
For Basic, I will provide only 100 backlinks with some optimization.

Then, the standard package would be something different like 100 backlinks with SEO Audit.

And now Premium package so you can offer 200 backlinks with SEO audit and Bad Link Removal.

How to make money on fiverr

Don’t forget to describe a little about and package and set a delivery time.
If you want to deliver fast provide an extra offer like you will deliver your standard package within four days for $50 now you can set $60 for three days delivery. Check the extra service option at the page bottom.

Description & FAQ

How to make money on fiverr

It’s the most important feature so you have to describe here about your services. Why client buys your service and how much work you will do exactly describe here.

There is a limitation to write description you can write maximum 1200 characters and min 120 characters. Best practice is to write 1200 character.


How to make money on fiverr

While you want to start the work you need some information that will provide your clients. So describe here what you need to start the work.


How to make money on fiverr

You have to attach your previous work screenshot or images. It’s last and final stage. Make one photo as a thumbnail image that is clear and best. At first, every client will follow on thumbnail picture.


Now publish your gig and start making money from Fiverr.

Make Money on Fiverr:

Make money on fiverr

Everything is complete now so you can start your work now. You can promote your services to follow various ways. If you didn’t get any sell automatically must promote your gig outside on fiver such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

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7 Interesting Ways to Make Money From Social Media

7 Interesting Ways to Make Money From Social Media

There are many ways to make money from social media marketing. Every business owner wants to promote their business so you can occupy the place for raising their business. Now I am going to show the few ways how to make money from social media.

1.     Make money from Instagram:-

Instagram is one of the best social platforms to make money from online. If you have attractive products or any items that you want to sell. It’s very easy to sell your product because Instagram gives free tools for selling products. Just you have to set up your shop then reach it on your audience.

2.     Writing:-

If you have good writing skills then you have great opportunities because you can write the short post for Twitter or Facebook or others social media. Start writing yourself and prove it that you are a good writer then the client will reach to you.

3.     Account Management:-

You don’t have any idea how demand a Social Media Marketer.   I have seen a lot of companies they are seeking social media marketer to manage their social media accounts. You will get a big amount from them such as monthly based or weekly or daily.

4.     Pin on Pinterest:-

Interesting Ways to Make Money From Social Media

You know what how much helpful Pinterest to sell the product or any services.  It’s  not harder for you. Just you have to pin photos or items on the related boards with product link or website.

5.     YouTube Channel:-

The second largest Search Engine is YouTube and you can make money from here very easily. You have to create a channel and monetize the videos.
The new terms of YouTube are must you have to gain 10000 viewers to monetize ad.

6.     Promote post:-

Promote your post with others social profile that called influence marketing. If you have a product or item search a social profile who is most popular like Instagram or Facebook or Twitter and contact with them. Then tell him to promote a post on his/her profile and you will pay him for this purpose. Hope you will get a better result I have checked it many times and most of the times got many sells.

7.     Affiliate Program:-

There are many affiliating sites but I recommend for Amazon because I prefer it for customers. Amazon is reliable affiliate sites and most of the peoples know about it. So, create an Amazon affiliate account and put the product link to your blog and spread your blog. If anyone purchases a product from your link you will get a commission.

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Best Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews - 6 Sites That Pay You

ways to get paid to write reviews

Get paid to write reviews

This is the time to make money from online and the ways are very easy. You can’t imagine the ways to make money from home. So, did you guess how you make money?

Okay, let’s concern what I am going to show today.  You can get paid to write reviews and it’s simple you have just shared your opinion about them.

So, there are many websites but I will discuss some of the best sites where you can share your opinion.

1.     Swagbucks:

It’s the best place to get paid from online. But there are two different ways you can choose one of them or both. Ways are answers online surveys and test products. While you take surveys they will ask your opinion about their services and you have to write a bit review. The second ways are product testing so you have to sign up to test their products. And now you have to write a good review about the products. You can make money from Swagbucks using their online shop, watch videos, play games and much more. 
You can withdraw payment by PayPal cash or gift cards.

2.     Create your own website or blog:

It’s the method of stable income. If you would like to make huge money from online create your own blog and write reviews for any product.  While any customer will buy a product from your blog you will get a small commission. So, you have to follow some system to promote other products. You can promote various sites products but I recommend you for Amazon, CJ and Teespiring.

3.     Inbox Dollars:

If you are looking for any largest place like Swagbucks then Inbox Dollars is an alternative like Swagbucks. This is the best opportunities to get paid for referring your friends.

You can see interesting ways here and it’s watching videos. Inbox dollars is popular for watching videos you can leave feedback on TV commercials. So, you have to share your opinion there and you will be paid by cash in weekly basis but there is another option for Gold members they can withdraw money by Visa card or eCard.

4.     Vindale Research:

There are many ways to write reviews. Here are the best ways are watch videos and leave opinion but you have to share your opinion after watching videos. You can take online surveys from here. When you sign up here Vindale will give you $2 free and you can make more money by referring your friends.
Payment options are PayPal and paper check.

5.     Software Judge:

You can make up to $50 for an honest review. It’s a digital base review site and you will have to write the review on games, e-books, software etc. You can submit three reviews per day.

6.     Ciao:

It’s a UK-based review site and this website open for the international community. You can write the review by choosing their categories and they will pay you a good amount for every review. You can payout from here minimum five pounds which is about $6-$7 even though it’s depends on the exchange rate.

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How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Who didn’t heard about Affiliate marketing? You can make unlimited money from affiliate marketing.

Today I am showing you the best ways to earn at least $50-$100 daily from Affiliate marketing. Is it enough for you?

Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

While you will start affiliate marketing you should follow something special tips to gain success. Otherwise your time and money everything will be lost.

Some Technical setup you will need to start

1.     A blog or Website
2.     Simple programming knowledge like HTML and CSS
3.     English Writing
4.     Email Sending like Autoresponder

What is Blog or Website: Nowadays you should know about blog or website. This is a blog that you are reading now.


If you want to customize your website you should learn about HTML and CSS. But you don’t need advanced level experience.

Email Sending:

Some of the Email Marketing software provides special services like auto email sending by set time and date. So you have to learn about this course. One of the best auto emails sending software is Get Response. You can select another free method that is mail chimp but they don’t have the entire feature like Getresponse.

Affiliate Marketing Plan

o   Build Your Website:

At first, you need to build a website to start affiliate marketing. You can find out many tools for creating a basic website then you can customize it as you want. It’s the most and powerful part of affiliate marketing so you should be aware.

o   Choose your affiliate program:

Now it’s time to choose your interest that you want to promote and you will feel comfortable to work with that. There are thousand or million products and services so you have to choose specific topics like furniture, BBQ, Food etc.

o   Write content:

It’s a most important thing for any affiliate marketer. You can’t stop your writing because no one will need to find any service description on Google or others. You should write every description about the product.
Another thing is the blog post. You should write unique reviews and post it as a blog post. And now start ranking on Search Engine.

o   Choose Affiliate Marketplace:

You can’t realize how much affiliate marketplace is here and how much services they are provided.  But I prefer to work on the sites. This all are physical products site.

  Ø Amazon
  Ø CJ
  Ø Shareasale
  Ø eBay
  Ø Walmart

Amazon is the largest affiliate marketplace. You can start work with them but before starting your task you will have to be an associate with them.
So, type and sign up there. After completing the sign up you can browse product by keyword search like this.

keyword search

And click on the get link then choose Text and image or only text or only image it depends on you and your post. Now copy the HTML code and past on your web page that you already build.

Text only

NB: You can create your own store here. So if you don’t have any website or blog you can promote your store on social networks.

CJ is one of the most popular Affiliate sites. You can get a big commission from CJ but there is some restriction like you are unable to sell the product in worldwide. They have some specific area where you can sell products.

It’s also a big marketplace you can get more commission by their referral link. So you can start this affiliate program without any hesitation.

I like to use eBay for book sell but you can promote their every product and they also give you a big commission.

Become an affiliate marketer to promote Walmart products. They will give you enough commission.

So start your affiliate now and I think this all are the best ways to make money from home.

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6 Most Effective Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

6 Most Effective Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

We know that Pinterest is one of the biggest Social Media Network. In August of 2017, Pinterest has 175 million active users and most of the users are female. Actually, Pinterest is popular for photo-sharing using the specific board.

Now I am going to show the ways to make money from home with Pinterest. It’s the best opportunities to make money from online easily.

Let’s look the most effective ways how to make money on Pinterest.

1.     Build an audience and sell to them:

At first, you need to create an account and boards that will attract your audience.  Increase your targeted followers you some of the boards has millions of followers but you don’t need huge followers. If you don’t know the proper way to sell, don’t need to be worried.  While you will get a few thousand followers, clients will reach to you.

2.     Promote Affiliate Product:

Affiliate marketing is the very popular sector to make a lot of money within very short time. There are many companies who give commission for each sale using the affiliate link. Find out the best companies to promote their product.

I am sharing here a few companies who give enough commission.

Ebates: They will give you commission and you can earn sufficient amount to refer others.

Shareasale: Sign Up here and you have to wait for approval.

Stylinity: Best affiliate platform for any fashion bloggers. They will pay you huge commission after purchasing a product using your affiliate link.

Amazon: Most of the peoples have an idea about Amazon shop. You can promote their product to become an affiliate marketer. When you sell their product referring your affiliate URL they will pay you commission but Amazon pays a little commission.
You can use URL shorten like or to manage your link. Use your affiliate link in Pins description.

Remember: Don’t try to follow any spamming method. Either you will be banned from Pinterest.

3.     Ask For Sponsorship:

After building your Pinterest account you can offer any companies who want to build their business or appeals. It’s the time to show them your account statistics for that they will get an idea about your boards. So, now offer them they can use your account for their branding for a year.

4.     Re-pin:

You know that Pinterest is a social network. So you should realize that how to get re-pin because re-pin can help you to reach targeted peoples. While you pin others you may get re-pin and followers.

5.     Sell Physical Product:

Do you want to sell the physical product? One of the best places is Pinterest to sell physical products. So, you have to take quality photos of your product then pin on your board. When you pin your product must put your sales page in description page using any URL shorten.

6.     Work as a Pinterest Marketer:

Whether it’s not possible for you to make money follow the above method you can work as a Pinterest marketer. Many companies are looking an expert Pinterest marketer for their companies. You can apply to work with them and share your marketing strategy.

You can find Pinterest related jobs here: Pinterest Marketing jobs for experts.

So, If you have any kind of question just leave a comment here we will try to answer your questions.

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