6 Secret Ways To Get Quality Backlinks Without Any Content

6 Secret Ways To Get Quality Backlinks Without Any Content

A very important thing for your website or blog is SEO. But SEO is not easy it’s very critical. Now what you will do for your website or blogs? If you have a niche site what you will do because there is not enough content.

One more thing easily you can make money to work from home if you can be an expert on SEO. It’s really very easiest way to make money from home.

Now I am showing you how to generate quality backlink without any content. Follow the steps that I am showing here.

1. Forum Posting: Forum posting is the best source to get quality backlink. It's work great but you should follow some of the technique. Use your keyword on forum signature what keyword you want to rank. Give the quality answer that asks the questions and don’t use the signature with all question and answers. There are two kinds of forum Dofollow and Nofollow. Dofollow is more effective than nofollow so you can find out dofollow forums.

2. Guest Blogging: Guest blogging is the most effective and better ways to get the quality backlink for your blog or websites. Guest blogging is more effective because you will be given an author from other blogs and there will be a profile where you can write about you and all of the readers can know you so it’s the best source to get traffic and quality backlink.

3. Blog Commenting: Everyone knows how important blog comment for a blog or website. You can get quality backlink from blog commenting.

Search engine giving the value especially if the comment is dofollow.

When you will comment must write valuable and related comments and of course use there your name because it will be more valuable. Find out the dofollow blog where you will comment.

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4. Directory Submission: Everyone wants to know what the easy ways to get the quality backlink? Absolutely directory submission is one of the best ways to generate quality backlink. But be careful don’t submit your website anywhere. Submit your site which directory site is top ranked.
You should submit your website to DMOZ Directory, Yahoo Directory and BOTW Directory.

6 Secret Ways To Get Quality Backlinks Without Any Content

5. Video Marketing: Do you know what is video marketing and how to work video marketing? Search engine respect video content more than text content so you have to create good videos and attractive thumbnails with the best content. Last one step spread the video in the world using various methods.

When you write the content inserts your link into the description so that its build the ranking of your blog or websites.

6. Article Marketing:  Article marketing is also great ways to get quality backlink like guest blogging. Especially it’s more effective for the niche site. You can get quality author backlink from article marketing. You know what author backlink is very powerful to get rank for your site on top.

One thing when you write any article you have to link one article to another article that will increase the value of your blog or site.

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