How To Become A Virtual Assistant From Home -Make Money From Home

how to become a virtual assistant

If you want to make money from home there are many ways to make money from home. But I recommend you the best ways to make money from home are Virtual Assistant or VA.

If you didn’t listen to this word before, No problem! You don’t need any experience to do be a Virtual Assistant.

I am showing here step by step the best ways to make money from home as a Virtual Assistant.

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What is the work of a Virtual Assistant?

As a Virtual Assistant, You should do various tasks like the blog post from another blog and it can be running task. For this task, they will pay you. You can think this is a simple task so why they hire me? Or why he assists me as a VA.

This is a very simple reason a blogger hires you because they don’t have enough time to do it or they don’t have the energy to do every task himself.

Some of the common Virtual Assistant tasks are: i) Regular blog posting, ii) Edit and post blog images, iii) Post anything on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest iv) Write Emails and respond their Emails, v) Research anything on the Internet like images, Emails, Data etc.

How Much Pay as a Virtual Assistant?

It’s not sure how much they will pay you and how they pay you. There are many ways to paid you such as Hourly, Fixed, Weekly, Monthly, Task basis.
But most of the VA works $15 -$100+ for per hour. Great news it’s that you can work from your home.

How to Be a Virtual Assistant?

Many peoples are trained about it how to become a Virtual Assistant. But I am suggesting you a free method.
Follow the free methods: Become a Virtual Assistant yourself.
If you really want to start a Virtual Assistant work.

Make money from home as a virtual assistant

i)   Create a website (You can create a free website or paid website).
ii)  You have to brand yourself that you want to be a Virtual Assistant.
iii) You have to advertise your services. You can do SEO about your service page or your website. Post your services on various social sites. Most of the important things are Facebook group posting and Google Plus community posting. Post your services there and tell them what you do for them.

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And finally, you can apply for a VA on various jobs site like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru, Fiverr etc.

You can be the success if you do it to take some more times. Don’t be scared if you need some more times be patient and try your best.

It's proving that you can be a Virtual Assistant and you can make money online from home. Finally, always I will say Virtual Assistant is the best ways to make money from home.

How To Get A Free Payoneer MasterCard - Earn $25 Sign Up Bonus

Get Payoneer MasterCard and Earn $25 by refferal

Payoneer is the very useful and most popular payment methods to get payment. Payoneer MasterCard is fully free anyone can get it and they can make $25 totally free.

What is Payoneer and how can we get Payoneer also how it works?
When you finished sign up for Payoneer, It will ask you US and EU bank details. You can use for direct payment receives to your Payoneer account.

How to Sign Up for the Payoneer MasterCard?

First Step: If you want to get a free Payoneer MasterCard you should follow this and Click Here Sign Up.

Its great news for you if you complete your sign up using this link you will receive $25 after active your payoneer MasterCard.

Now you have to follow some steps to complete sign up. Submit your details, First Name, Last Name, Your Email address and date of birth.

How To Get A Free Payoneer MasterCard - Earn $25 Sign Up Bonus

Click Next

2nd Step:  Choose your country from the list. Like its USA. Add your street address, Your City, Your Zip or Postal code and last phone number. One thing remembers it * your address will be same that is your National ID Card.

Getting MasterCard instruction

Click Next

3rd Step: Write down your password and security question and remember it because you should need it as a backup or you have to unblock your account unfortunately your account is blocked.

How to get payoneer MasterCard and earn $25 free

Click Next

4th and Final Step: Now Payoneer will ask you to submit your verification documents. Upload one document from these three National ID, Passport or Driving license. Did you get it yet? If you don’t have any documents ask your parents to use their papers. But you should fill up all the form from the first step.

Get payoneer MasterCard and earn $25 free

After completing the registration you should get an email for your submission. If you did correctly you will get your MasterCard within 30 days or less.

After getting the Payoneer MasterCard log in to your account and active your Payoneer MasterCard. You will get the verification code in your Card.

Now load the money in your account but there is something difficult system. I am not feeling comfortable with this system. Anyway if you want to load money to your account you have to load $100 from Payoneer partner site like Fiverr, Freelancer, UpWork, Envato etc.

You can Sign Up for Freelancer, UpWork, Envato, Fiverr then they will ask you for payment method that’s time just click on Add your card to link option.

Payoneer MasterCard is fully free but you have to pay them to maintain the card.
One more thing! There also a US payment option that’s mean you get a virtual US bank account to create a Payoneer account. You can withdraw money to Local Bank.

MasterCard Pricing and Fees list here:

So, Sign Up and Get $25 bonus just for using Payoneer MasterCard.

MasterCard SignUp and earn $25

Ways To Make Money Online With SEO Service and Internet Marketing

Ways To Make Money Online With SEO Service and Internet Marketing

Everyone knows about SEO. When we talk about SEO we have to decide On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.­ Now I am talking about Off-site SEO it mainly depends on backlink and social signals.

NB: You can make huge of money to follow these ways to make money online with SEO Service tips.

Very Simple question: How to rank any blog or website? How To Create Quality Backlink?

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Follow my tips and rank your website also you will get huge traffic follow the SEO off page tips.

1. Guest Post: Guest post is very effective and important for any website or blog to get more traffic and ranking. So submit your post to other blogs as a Guest poster.

2. Forum Post: Forum posting is the best way to get huge of traffic. If you write helpful content you can get permanent traffic from here. So start to post relevant threads and link there to your blog post.

3. Do follow Comment: Do follow blog comment is really very helpful to get rank.  You have to find the relevant blog and submit your link there with some informative tips.

4. Social Bookmarking: everyone knows how much effective social bookmark for a website or blog. You should follow the targeted network such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, StumbleUpon, Delicious etc.

5. Question Answers: You have to answer following sites: Yahoo Answers, Quora etc. And sure submit your link in the source.

6. Directory Submission: Directory submission is the best way to get ranking but if you use the free method you have to wait because there are many users like you. They submitted their website. After reviewing admin will approve your site.

Ways To Make Money Online With SEO Service and Internet Marketing

7. Social Network: Submit your blog or website in top social sites. It’s very important at this moment to get more traffic.

8. Review: Website review is very important most of the forums sites have an option to write a review. Write the review about your blog on this forum.

9. Create PDF: Convert your post to PDF file and you can find many documents sharing site list on Google. Submit your document there.

10. Web 2.0: It’s very important for a blog or website. Web 2.0 sites will help you to promote your website or blog. So find out web 2.0 sites and submit your blog there.

11. Content: Content is king so write high-quality content for your blog. If your write high-quality content, you will get quality backlink.

12. Dmoz: You should submit your site in Dmoz because search engine gives it more value to get ranking.

13. Wikipedia: Create a Wikipedia account and write for yourself and link to your site in the resource section.

14. Write post: Write the post to follow some technique like “14 ways to get…” it’s effective for people and you will get more backlink.