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Promote Your Business Website

Do you know what is the easy ways or process to promote your business website? What do you think? Some keywords and some backlinks are enough to promote any business website? No! It’s not possible nowadays. 
You have to follow about more things. I am showing here how to get ranking and how to get more traffic via legit ways.


1. Content is king? Yes! king but not only king content is everything for a website. Why customers visit your website?  So, write details what your customers are looking for.

2. Action to call- Make sure you have to clear it what do you want. Use sign up option or product purchasing option.

3. Be aware of the newsletter. Who subscribe your website send them an opportunity for your websites.

4. Use sharing option for your content like Facebook button, Google plus button, LinkedIn button. You can easily use Add this for sharing your content.

You can use Add this from here: Click To GO

5. One more important thing. You can share some free resource like a free e-book, Free Tools, Free Software etc. It can make value your website.

6. Write some quiz if possible. Because most of the people share this type of post.

Make Site Pretty:-

7. At first, you need to make your site Search Engine Friendly. Because we get most of the visitors from Search Engine.

8. Use proper Meta Description. The Meta description is the main things for your page because it’s showing us in Search Engine result by Search. So, when you write Meta descriptions make sure you will be more aware of your targeted keywords.

9. You have to update your website regularly. Because Search Engine doesn’t like any hassle content. So you can fresh your content by update regularly.  It’s also more valuable for Social media sites.

10. You should check all of the website links regularly. You can use any free link checker such as Dead Link Checker, Free Online Broken link Checker.

11. Make Site Worthy and Trusted also Recommended.

12. You can use a privacy policy option where will be every privacy policy and one contact information.

13. When you make a website make it responsive. When visitors will come to visit your site make sure they can feel comfortable to use your site. Also, you can use Apps for mobile users or IOS users.

14. If your Website is Ecommerce make sure use a secure payment gateway. Use shopping cart.

Promote Your Business Website

Spread your Website:-

15. Set your business website in all places.

16. Set your website URL in Email Signature.

17. More important things- Share and promote your website on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Delicious etc.

18. Create community or groups to communicate well about your website topics.
Generate valuable backlink from Blog, Forum sites, Answer sites and so more.

So, I want to say for everyone let’s start the work and start making money to build your own business. Get ranking your own pages. Last of all we can say this is the best ways to make money from home.

Feel free to write any question in comment boxes.

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