5 Best File Sharing Site To Make Money From Home

5 Best File Sharing Site To Make Money From Home

If you can earn some extra money to work from home just for file sharing I think it will be really helpful for you.
Today I am going to show some file sharing sites where you can upload your own file and easily can make money from home.

How much money you can make by best file sharing site?

You can earn money by uploading files but there are many file sharing sites. Some of the sites give you up to $20 for a single download.

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Best File Sharing Sites:

1.     FileFactory

FileFactory income

Filefactory is one of the best file sharing sites since 2005. You can upload here maximum 5GB file. You can share your file on FileFactory without any hesitation because download page is very clean and friendly. You can earn up to $40 for 1000 files download but it depends on country and file sizes.

2.     DepositeFiles

This is very much pretty and clean website for users. There is a way to be annoying to use the site. You can earn up to $25 for 1000 downloads. Minimum payout is $10 through payment getaway. You can also make more money by referral link they will pay you 20% commission. So, it’s the best ways to make money from home by uploading the own file.

3.     Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload is one of the most popular file sharing sites. You can make thousands of dollars from this site. It pays $1 for every download. When anyone trying to downloads any file they have to complete a survey that is really annoying for any users. So you can provide any games or software.

4.     ShareCash

ShareCash pays you a big amount of each download but it annoys me to download any file because their survey is very difficult. They promise to give at least $1 for each download and up to $20 for each download. But it depends on the country.

5.     FileBucks

FileBucks gives you only 500 MB storage and you can withdraw payment by PayPal. You can upload your file here and make money from home but they have also survey to download any file.

How To Get Free Do Follow Backlink From Alexa - Get Free Backlink

Do Follow Backlink From Alexa

Alexa Backlink is very important in Search Engine. Today I am showing the way how to generate do follow Backlink from Alexa. Most of the people don’t know how to get Alexa do follow backlink. It will be more helpful for a newbie to build their blog or website.

What is Backlink?

The backlink is most important. In common sense! If you create more backlink your site will be more valuable. But It’s not the real fact you have to generate High valuable Backlink like .gov .edu backlink.

Here you can check some list where you can find High PR Backlink list.

Free Edu Backlink Sites

Basically, Backlink is two types:
  1.  Do Follow Backlink
  2. No Follow Backlink

Do Follow Backlink: Do Follow Backlink is essential. If we want to rank your pages or blogs you have to create Do Follow Backlink.

No Follow Backlink: No follow backlink didn’t pass link juice. It’s not essential it will help you to drive traffic.

How to Get Backlink from Alexa?

Be aware! You have to create do follow backlink. So, Follow the steps how to get do follow Alexa backlink.

Ø Create an account to Alexa.com using the user name and email or you can create an account using Facebook.

Ø Provide all of your details.

Ø There are two options you have to select one plan free trail plan Or Purchase the plan.

Ø They will ask for credit card details. So, you can use bellow the details.
Download the details from here: Download The .txt File. oR Download Here

Ø Now visit http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/earnmoneyall.com (Insert your site name after the slash / earnmoneyall.com )

Ø Now fill all the details by scrolling your mouse.

  Ø  It’s complete now.

This is the system to get Alexa do follow backlink. But if you face any problem just leave a comment in the box and share your problem or if you have any personal opinion about it share with us.

Please don’t forget to share your way to getting Do follow backlink. And must share if you have any High  DA, PA sites.

Top 25 Most Popular Social Networking sites And Social Apps

Social Media Sites List

If anyone wants to promote their small or big business on the Internet then Social Media is the best way to promote any kind of business or brands. Social Network is not hard to use it's very easy to use and you can reach your brand or business to new audience or peoples there have also paid to advertise.
However, if you want to proper utilize you need to know the best and popular Social Media Sites. 
I am showing here some of the top Social Media Networks because everyone can identify the top Social Media Sites.

Most Popular Social Media Sites

1.     Facebook

Facebook is the very popular Social Networks in the world right now. Facebook Founded on Feb 4, 2014. There are lots of users right now the estimated user more than 1.94 billion. Anyone can promote their small or biggest business using Facebook.

2.     Twitter

Twitter was found on March 21, 2016.
Twitter is one of the best Social Media Platform. If you want to post anything there you will get the limiting character. But you will be shocked listen to this that 140 character is enough to spread your business in the word because more than 320 million monthly user activity to promote their business.

3.     LinkedIn

LinkedIn is most popular Social Media Networking site. LinkedIn is the best to connect same industrial peoples. It was found on December 14, 2002. There are lots of users more than 400 million registered users right now.

4.     Google Plus

If you have any idea about SEO you should know how much important Google+. This is very popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. It was founded on December 15, 2011. There are more than 430 million monthly user activities.

5.     YouTube

We can say Nowadays YouTube is second largest Search Engine. It was founded on Feb 14, 2015. YouTube is the most popular Video based Social Media Site. YouTube also give us great ways to make money from home.

Want to know?

6.     Pinterest

Pinterest launched in March 2010. Pinterest is image based most popular Social Media Platform. Anyone can invest here to get targeted audience. Pinterest is one of the best platforms to sell anything like cloth, eBook, accessories etc.

7.     Instagram

Instagram also the largest image based Social Media Networking site. Was found on October 5, 2010, it has more than 410 million users and more than 400 million active users. Instagram is most popular for Beauty, Fashion, Food and similar post. Most of the Instagram users use Facebook. You can boost your business on Instagram Ads.

Top High PR Free .gov Sites List 2017 - Ways To Work From Home

Top High PR Free .gov Sites List 2017 - Ways To Work From Home

Why .gov backlinks needs for ranking?

We know that how much important .gov backlink for any blog or websites. They have good authority to follows of Google or other Search Engine. .gov backlink will help you to increase your search performance and SEO ranking.

Is Important Backlink?

A backlink is very important and .gov backlink is most important to get ranking on Search Engine. There are many SEO experts who don’t agree with this. They said Backlink is not important only content is important. They give priority only for quality contents.

But come to the point most of the .gov and .edu sites authority is very strong and high domains. So we can grow our page or website in Search engine result very soon by this way.

How to find .gov or .edu sites for high authority backlink?

I am showing here very easy ways to find .edu and .gov sites for backlinks. Remember it doesn't try any spamming way to build .edu or .gov backlink.
So follow the way and boost your site in SERP’s.

Check out here bellow the link to get ranking:

Free Edu Backlink Sites.
High PR Free DoFollow Social Bookmarking Site List.
Best Do Follow Web Directory Submission Site List.
Web 2.0 Submission Sites List.

Write bellow the text in Google then search on Google:
Site:.gov “blog”
Site:.gov “comments”
Site:.gov “forums”
Site:.gov inurl:blog “keyword”

Anyways, Now I am going to show you the top listed .gov sites where you can get backlink easily. So I admonish you again don’t try to make spam because it’s very harmful to damage your site.

So, please check out here the latest .gov sites list below.

1. http://www.cathedralcity.gov
2. http://www.nationalcityca.gov
3. http://www.olelo.hawaii.edu
4. http://cherokeecounty-nc.gov
5. http://transition.fcc.gov
6. http://www.weather.gov
7. http://nvsos.gov
8. http://www.gillettewy.gov
9. http://www.doleta.gov
10. http://wwwcf.fhwa.dot.gov
11. http://sanfordfl.gov
12. http://water.weather.gov
13. http://www.hastmethun.in
14. http://www.swccd.edu
15. http://www.vhcc.edu
16. http://clinton.edu
17. http://www.dot.nd.gov
18. http://www.evansville.in.gov
19. http://fairfaxcounty.gov
20. http://www.newportbeachca.gov
21. http://nws.noaa.gov
22. http://training.fema.gov
23. http://transtats.bts.gov
24. http://nhl.gov
25. http://www.disasterhousing.gov
26. http://www.hud.gov
27. http://www.fhwa.dot.gov

If you have any question or you have another list please share with us. So that we can know more and everyone can see the list.

Top 85 Web 2.0 Submission Sites List 2017

web 2.0 submission site list 2017

Web 2.0 is most important things for any website or blog. If you want to rank your website or blog you have to create web 2.0 backlink.

I am showing here Web 2.0 sites list 2017 that can help you to build your website traffic and Search Engine ranking.

You can read this post:

How to Get Backlinks and How to Use Web 2.0

It’s very easy just you have to create a blog post then post to any Web 2.0 sites. Make sure when you create any post or content make a link like a directory style that is searchable.

Here is the list of Web 2.0 sites 2017. Check out here the list to increase your page visibility.