5 Best File Sharing Site To Make Money From Home

5 Best File Sharing Site To Make Money From Home

If you can earn some extra money to work from home just for file sharing I think it will be really helpful for you.
Today I am going to show some file sharing sites where you can upload your own file and easily can make money from home.

How much money you can make by best file sharing site?

You can earn money by uploading files but there are many file sharing sites. Some of the sites give you up to $20 for a single download.

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Best File Sharing Sites:

1.     FileFactory

FileFactory income

Filefactory is one of the best file sharing sites since 2005. You can upload here maximum 5GB file. You can share your file on FileFactory without any hesitation because download page is very clean and friendly. You can earn up to $40 for 1000 files download but it depends on country and file sizes.

2.     DepositeFiles

This is very much pretty and clean website for users. There is a way to be annoying to use the site. You can earn up to $25 for 1000 downloads. Minimum payout is $10 through payment getaway. You can also make more money by referral link they will pay you 20% commission. So, it’s the best ways to make money from home by uploading the own file.

3.     Dollar Upload

Dollar Upload is one of the most popular file sharing sites. You can make thousands of dollars from this site. It pays $1 for every download. When anyone trying to downloads any file they have to complete a survey that is really annoying for any users. So you can provide any games or software.

4.     ShareCash

ShareCash pays you a big amount of each download but it annoys me to download any file because their survey is very difficult. They promise to give at least $1 for each download and up to $20 for each download. But it depends on the country.

5.     FileBucks

FileBucks gives you only 500 MB storage and you can withdraw payment by PayPal. You can upload your file here and make money from home but they have also survey to download any file.

Which site you will choose?

Front of you two option which one you will choose that depends on you. Because some of the site's survey is very difficult that’s why users can be annoying. And another one is very easy to download your uploading file.

My Recommended File Sharing Site:

I feel better to use FileFactory and Depositfiles. This two file sharing site is very easy for users.

Choose this for the important file:

If you are sharing any important file or software which file is very important for users then you can use ShareCash, Dollar Upload and other sites. Be aware, Don’t try to be more greedy.

Final words, if you have any honest file sharing sites list share us. Don’t share any fake file sharing sites list. So, please share your opinion bellow the comment box.

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