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Do Follow Backlink From Alexa

Alexa Backlink is very important in Search Engine. Today I am showing the way how to generate do follow Backlink from Alexa. Most of the people don’t know how to get Alexa do follow backlink. It will be more helpful for a newbie to build their blog or website.

What is Backlink?

The backlink is most important. In common sense! If you create more backlink your site will be more valuable. But It’s not the real fact you have to generate High valuable Backlink like .gov .edu backlink.

Here you can check some list where you can find High PR Backlink list.

Free Edu Backlink Sites

Basically, Backlink is two types:
  1.  Do Follow Backlink
  2. No Follow Backlink

Do Follow Backlink: Do Follow Backlink is essential. If we want to rank your pages or blogs you have to create Do Follow Backlink.

No Follow Backlink: No follow backlink didn’t pass link juice. It’s not essential it will help you to drive traffic.

How to Get Backlink from Alexa?

Be aware! You have to create do follow backlink. So, Follow the steps how to get do follow Alexa backlink.

Ø Create an account to using the user name and email or you can create an account using Facebook.

Ø Provide all of your details.

Ø There are two options you have to select one plan free trail plan Or Purchase the plan.

Ø They will ask for credit card details. So, you can use bellow the details.
Download the details from here: Download The .txt File. oR Download Here

Ø Now visit (Insert your site name after the slash / )

Ø Now fill all the details by scrolling your mouse.

  Ø  It’s complete now.

This is the system to get Alexa do follow backlink. But if you face any problem just leave a comment in the box and share your problem or if you have any personal opinion about it share with us.

Please don’t forget to share your way to getting Do follow backlink. And must share if you have any High  DA, PA sites.

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