How to Get Paid to Walk – Easy Ways to Make Money From Home

Get paid to walk

Everyone wants money but most of the people don’t know the easier ways to make money from home or others any easy ways.
Would you like to make money by walking? Don’t be confuse it’s really good ways to make money easily.

I am trying to show the best ways to make money by walking steps by step. So, follow the next step intently.

1.     Be a Tour Guide:

The tour guide is one of the best ways to make money by walking. If you want to be a tour guide you have to know the spots and places. If you live in any tourist places like beauty spots, historical places or any landmarks it would be better for you to be a tourist guide.

What you need to know?

·        You should be a good speaker. If you know various languages it can help you to make more money.
·        Learn more about historical places like there famous people alive or dead, the best city at day and night, residential hotel etc.

2.      Write a Book for Walkers:

You can write eBook about walking. You can generate a passive income by writing guidelines about walking and publish the eBook on Amazon or others online publications. If you want to publish the eBook yourself you can do it.

What you need?

·        You have to spend some more time to generate income because earning is not easy.
·        Write the eBook and publish the eBook at low cost.

3.     Make Money by Walking Apps:

There are many apps they will pay you points for walking stay with their apps. You can use iPhone apps or Android apps.
Android apps will pay you Bitcoin and you can convert it to dollars. Anytime you can withdraw the payment but they have a payout limitation.

What you need?

·        You need to know the exact apps and the guidelines.

If you know any other tricks about make money by walking let’s share with us. And if you have any question put your opinion below the comment box.

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