Best Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews - 6 Sites That Pay You

ways to get paid to write reviews

Get paid to write reviews

This is the time to make money from online and the ways are very easy. You can’t imagine the ways to make money from home. So, did you guess how you make money?

Okay, let’s concern what I am going to show today.  You can get paid to write reviews and it’s simple you have just shared your opinion about them.

So, there are many websites but I will discuss some of the best sites where you can share your opinion.

1.     Swagbucks:

It’s the best place to get paid from online. But there are two different ways you can choose one of them or both. Ways are answers online surveys and test products. While you take surveys they will ask your opinion about their services and you have to write a bit review. The second ways are product testing so you have to sign up to test their products. And now you have to write a good review about the products. You can make money from Swagbucks using their online shop, watch videos, play games and much more. 
You can withdraw payment by PayPal cash or gift cards.

2.     Create your own website or blog:

It’s the method of stable income. If you would like to make huge money from online create your own blog and write reviews for any product.  While any customer will buy a product from your blog you will get a small commission. So, you have to follow some system to promote other products. You can promote various sites products but I recommend you for Amazon, CJ and Teespiring.

3.     Inbox Dollars:

If you are looking for any largest place like Swagbucks then Inbox Dollars is an alternative like Swagbucks. This is the best opportunities to get paid for referring your friends.

You can see interesting ways here and it’s watching videos. Inbox dollars is popular for watching videos you can leave feedback on TV commercials. So, you have to share your opinion there and you will be paid by cash in weekly basis but there is another option for Gold members they can withdraw money by Visa card or eCard.

4.     Vindale Research:

There are many ways to write reviews. Here are the best ways are watch videos and leave opinion but you have to share your opinion after watching videos. You can take online surveys from here. When you sign up here Vindale will give you $2 free and you can make more money by referring your friends.
Payment options are PayPal and paper check.

5.     Software Judge:

You can make up to $50 for an honest review. It’s a digital base review site and you will have to write the review on games, e-books, software etc. You can submit three reviews per day.

6.     Ciao:

It’s a UK-based review site and this website open for the international community. You can write the review by choosing their categories and they will pay you a good amount for every review. You can payout from here minimum five pounds which is about $6-$7 even though it’s depends on the exchange rate.

If you have any question or any suggestion just leave a comment and don’t forget to share with your friends on Facebook.

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