How to make money on YouTube part-1

The world's largest video-sharing site is YouTube. It’s really you can earn a lot of money from YouTube. There are thousands of online income systems but most of the people don’t know a system. And it’s that earning through YouTube videos. So start your earning to work from home.

Below I have mentioned some of the person's name and the amount of their income:-
·         Shane Dawson {431 million views and his earn $315,000}
·         The Annoying Orange {349 million views and his earn $288,000}
·         Philip Defranco {248 million views and his earn $181,000}
·         Ryan Higa {206 million views and his earn $151,000}
·          Fred {200 million views and his earn $146,000}
How to make money on YouTube
Make money on YouTube

How to make money?

There are many ways to make money from YouTube. Some methods are discussed 

1.  Choose a nice YouTube Chanel name:-
At first go to YouTube and create a free account. When you create account choose a name which is more search volume and easy.

2.  Make Video:-
For making video we can adopt two ways. First: - Creating videos with a video camera. Second:- If you don’t have any camera you can use your computer. But remember one thing, must use a good software and your computer will be faster.  One issue to keep in mind, you have to make interesting videos. Interesting mean I'm not supposed to create a fun comedy film. I say, your videos are interesting for viewers and these types of videos which they searching for. For example: if you made a channel for Photoshop tutorial and uploaded various jokes video. If you have a channel on tutorial you have to upload video tutorial here.

3. Upload your video in YouTube:-
When you upload your video then must write your all keywords, description of videos and your website URL.

4.  Share your uploaded video on various social sites:-
Just upload the video and you got traffic, It’s not correct. You have to share your videos on various social sites to get traffic. Such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Stumble Upon etc.

5.  Create Back-link for your video:-
Remember one thing carefully; YouTube video publishing is also one kind of blogging. So, must you have to create some back-link to get good position on YouTube, Google and others search engine. Create back-link which sites are related to your topics.

So far today. Stay with us I will share remaining methods in next articles.

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