Top 20 Social Media and Social Networking Sites List August 2017

Top 20 Social Media and Social Networking Sites List August 2017

Why Social Media Marketing is Important?

Social Media Marketing is the best way to get huge and unique traffic. Simple sense, Most of the people use Facebook and Twitter and if you start your marketing there must you will get a good result very soon. You can reach beside your targeted peoples. So obviously, Social Media Marketing is very important for any business.

Now I am going to show the popular Social Media Marketing sites so that you can start today.

1.     Facebook:
Facebook is the largest and popular social networking site in the world. Recently Facebook bought another social network Whatsapp.
The current Facebook user is 2.1 billion. This is 2017 statistics and these all are active users.

2.     WhatsApp:
Nowadays WhatsApp is a very popular social platform. People can chat with each other very quickly and clearly. Even they have good calling service. Facebook has bought the social platform in 2014.
Current user per month:  1 billion approximately

3.     QQ:
QQ is a chat based social platform. It was launched in China and more than 80 countries using it. There are many opportunities like text, voice chats and video chats. Even they built the translator.
Current user per month:  861 million

4.     WeChat:
It’s one of the best communicative social platforms. WeChat is also similar to Whatsapp.  Anyone can message or call with others.
Current user per month: 706.7 million

5.     Qzone:
QQ, WeChat and QZone these all are developed by Tencent. QZone is also like QQ and WeChat but QZone enabled some specific feature such as share photos, watch videos, listen to the song, maintain diaries and blog writing etc.
Active user per month: 650 million

6.     Tumblr:
Tumblr is very helpful social sharing site for any business owner. Any user can share the blog post, photos, videos, link etc. And one user can follow another user to get their updates. Also, you can create a blog here.
Active user per month: 555 million

7.     Instagram:
Active user per month: 700 million

8.     Twitter:
Active user per month: 328 million

9.     Google Plus:
Active user per month: 300 million

10.    Baidu:
Active user per month: 300 million

11.     Skype:
Active user per month: 300 million

12.    Viber:
Active user per month: 249 million

13.     Sina Weibo
Active user per month: 222 million

14.    Line:
Active user per month: 215 million

15.    Snapchat:
Active user per month: 200 million

16.     YY:
Active user per month: 122 million

17.     VK:
Active user per month: 100 million

18.     Pinterest:
Active user per month: 100 million

19.   LinkedIn:
Active user per month: 100 million

20.   Telegram:

Active user per month: 100 million

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