6 Most Effective Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

6 Most Effective Ways To Make Money On Pinterest

We know that Pinterest is one of the biggest Social Media Network. In August of 2017, Pinterest has 175 million active users and most of the users are female. Actually, Pinterest is popular for photo-sharing using the specific board.

Now I am going to show the ways to make money from home with Pinterest. It’s the best opportunities to make money from online easily.

Let’s look the most effective ways how to make money on Pinterest.

1.     Build an audience and sell to them:

At first, you need to create an account and boards that will attract your audience.  Increase your targeted followers you some of the boards has millions of followers but you don’t need huge followers. If you don’t know the proper way to sell, don’t need to be worried.  While you will get a few thousand followers, clients will reach to you.

2.     Promote Affiliate Product:

Affiliate marketing is the very popular sector to make a lot of money within very short time. There are many companies who give commission for each sale using the affiliate link. Find out the best companies to promote their product.

I am sharing here a few companies who give enough commission.

Ebates: They will give you commission and you can earn sufficient amount to refer others.

Shareasale: Sign Up here and you have to wait for approval.

Stylinity: Best affiliate platform for any fashion bloggers. They will pay you huge commission after purchasing a product using your affiliate link.

Amazon: Most of the peoples have an idea about Amazon shop. You can promote their product to become an affiliate marketer. When you sell their product referring your affiliate URL they will pay you commission but Amazon pays a little commission.
You can use URL shorten like goo.gl or Bitly.com to manage your link. Use your affiliate link in Pins description.

Remember: Don’t try to follow any spamming method. Either you will be banned from Pinterest.

3.     Ask For Sponsorship:

After building your Pinterest account you can offer any companies who want to build their business or appeals. It’s the time to show them your account statistics for that they will get an idea about your boards. So, now offer them they can use your account for their branding for a year.

4.     Re-pin:

You know that Pinterest is a social network. So you should realize that how to get re-pin because re-pin can help you to reach targeted peoples. While you pin others you may get re-pin and followers.

5.     Sell Physical Product:

Do you want to sell the physical product? One of the best places is Pinterest to sell physical products. So, you have to take quality photos of your product then pin on your board. When you pin your product must put your sales page in description page using any URL shorten.

6.     Work as a Pinterest Marketer:

Whether it’s not possible for you to make money follow the above method you can work as a Pinterest marketer. Many companies are looking an expert Pinterest marketer for their companies. You can apply to work with them and share your marketing strategy.

You can find Pinterest related jobs here: Pinterest Marketing jobs for experts.

So, If you have any kind of question just leave a comment here we will try to answer your questions.

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